Thursday, 31 August 2017

It's that 'heart' again!

Hi Everyone!
Yes it's that heart favourite heart die by Concord 9th...the one I lost and found (thankfully) down the back of the radiator had slipped off a pile of stuff on the window sill!

Speaks for itself I reckon!

The other thing that has been occupying my time...the sorting in the craft room,.... well I have been ironing ribbons...yeah sad I know......but they are always creased and crumpled when I want to use them so then I tend not to bother with them. ironed all the shortish bits...(the long pieces are in a tin all individually held in mini rubber bands).........and had an idea to hang them on a coat hanger!

Some of you probably already do this!

Then.... hubby had the idea to peg them at the bottom with those mini pegs we use at Christmas for the cards...and that would add weight to the bottom and hold them on the hanger! they are.....just awaiting a hook at the back of the craft room door now.
Nicely organised and I can see what I have now...but sadly I don't appear to have gained any storage space as a result..ah well!!!

Lastly but by no means the least...a happy welcome to my latest follower.....Karen Knott......unfortunately I don't seem to be able to find a link to your blog Karen...perhaps you can help me out there.

Thank you for popping in to see me and for all the lovely comments you leave me. I really must thank everyone for the lovely Anniversary Congratulations  received lately..'THANK YOU' you really are a lovely bunch ...mwah

Wishing you all a super is nearly here! Didn't we get great weather last weekend for the Bank Holiday! Some more of the same would be good.

Take care and I will see you again when I have something to share.
Crafty hugs
Carole xx

Friday, 18 August 2017

Another 25!

Hello friends!!

...not for us this time but for some friends of ours (25 years)...I doubt hubby and I will see another never knows as my mum is 97!

Here is the card I made for them and the box......

and one more to try to show you how much it sparkles....

The male half of the couple receiving this card hates I used the lovely sparkly (the photo still does not do it justice) silver glitter card I found at a show...all encapsulated and it really blings IRL.

The background was embossed with a creative expressions folder and I did a sheet of tissue paper to match to wrap the card in the box. A tip I picked up from Crafters Companion...brilliant...makes a plain sheet of tissue look really knew that...oh well...always behind with trends, that's me!

The numbers are Tonic and the banner is a Sue Wilson die and the stamped and embossed sentiment is an old one from stash.
I began making this card before my holidays but it just wouldn't come together...not till last week! see I told you I can never make a quick card...that's probably why i am not very productive.

Ok.....busy day so I will rush on.
Weather here is wet, sunny, get the picture...washing in.... on the airer!
Hope it's better for the weekend, speaking of which I hope you all have a good one.
Thanks for stopping by, your visit is much appreciated as are all the lovely comments you leave me.
Take care everyone.
Crafty hugs
Carole xx

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Saturday, 12 August 2017

You deserve fun times.....

Hello there friends...........

Sorry no card to share. I have been making one but am unable to share instead..........
           ......yes we all deserve fun times and this board on the front at the harbour in Toronto caught my eye...thought for the weekend.......

and a close up so you are not squinting to read it!

Nice eh!!

Hope you are all tickety boo and having a good weekend..........because you deserve fun times!........see you all next week all being well!

Take care.

Carole xx

Monday, 31 July 2017

25 years!

Hello friends!
Well here I am at last. I can't believe it is once again the end of a month and it has been so long since I blogged!
I do have an excuse for my bad blogging though having just returned from the trip of a lifetime to celebrate hubby's and mine 25th Wedding Anniversary! here is the card that I made for him....sorry about the bad photo, I used pearlescent card and it does not photograph well. (I know bad workmen always blame their tools).

and here is where we celebrated it.....

Niagara falls and .......

Toronto........and YES we did go up the CN Tower...all the way, glass floor included!

I have always wanted to see Niagara Falls. In fact it has really only been the one thing on my bucket list! that is complete now and we flew over the falls in a pre-booked helicopter flight on the actual Anniversary day...followed by a meal in the hotel restaurant overlooking the falls.....stunning! some wonderful memories were made. Perhaps I need to start scrapbooking now!

So now it's back down to earth...(pinch myself, was I really there ?).... hubby is back to work today and I am hoping after a catch up of post holiday chores that my mojo will kick in and I will become productive.

Oh yes....I also made it to a 'Michaels' store in Toronto........disappointed, it's a glorified Hobbycraft and not at all what I expected so didn't buy much at all....I know a first for me!

 I do hope you are all OK out there in blogland.  I have had a quick whizz round since my return to see what you have all created...wonderful makes as usual!
Take care my friends and thanks for popping in, hopefully I will not be as long in blogging next time.
Enjoy your week.
Crafty hugs
Carole xx

Friday, 30 June 2017

You are my friend!

Hi there friends! Hope you are all good and ready for the weekend.
Well it's July tomorrow and I am back in socks and cardigans! It's been so cold and wet these past few days, we even resorted to having the fire on last night!!! It's supposed to be summer!!!!!

I bought the stamps that I have used on this card a while ago...I know........but I am very slowly using my NBUS . It is a Creative Expressions set Doodled Birds.
The card I made is CASED from one I saw in Samuel Taylors in Leeds (sorry don't know who had made it), but I fell in love with it and that's what persuaded my purchase (well a little persuasion perhaps).

I coloured the birds with copics and paper pieced their wings!...and a couple of the tulips. As all the layers and banner were made from snippets guess where I am heading. Yes you guessed..........the Playground.haven't been in ages so time to catch up with my mates and see if anyone has anything nice to share behind the bike sheds!!

Thank you for stopping by, I do appreciate your visits and I know that I have not been very productive of late....mojo has gone AWOL again!!! and life and everything it throws at you just gets in the way sometimes...........That's Life!!  (remember a TV program called that)

Enjoy your weekend everyone.
Crafty hugs
Carole xx

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Monday, 19 June 2017

5 squares to a flower

Good morning campers!....well the weather here at present ...sshh don't speak too soon beautiful! it's too hot to sit out really...but too nice to be indoors. As for camping?..those days are well and truly behind me, I like a bit of luxury these days.

I've managed a little bit of quick crafting of late...well fairly quick for me anyway. On the last wet bank Holiday hubby took me to the Crafters Companion shop at Aycliffe. What a lovely place as no doubt those that live nearby have already discovered. Sara has thought of everything down to the coffee shop with telly and papers for hubby to read while wifey shops! As it was their Birthday celebration there were demos to watch added bonus.

Anyway...back to the coffee shop where on the tables they had vases of paper flowers which of course everyone picked up and examined as soon as they sat down for their cuppa!

Following that trip I received link to a Masterclass video (quite by coincidence) of Sara making these here we are...I was inspired to have a go and they are easy once you have mastered the series of folds.
Here are my attempts..........

and a closer look....

Not the easiest  to photograph I have to say!...but very effective.

Ok for all of you...well one or two maybe ...screaming for the is a link I found to a video on u-tube......can't find Sara's sorry , (and I don't want to be accused of copyright or anything).

If you are using patterned paper  you start with pattern side down. I used 6 inch squares (5 of them)  for my flowers, and used Cosmic wet glue. Kebab stick was inserted after gluing 4 petals together and then gluing the fifth in place.......Enjoy.

Ok off to catch some Vit D before it starts to play hide and seek (the sun that is).

Hope you have a good week and Thank you for all your lovely comments that you have left me on my previous post. Mum enjoyed her birthday and liked her card!
Thanks for popping in.........take care till next time.
Carole xx

Tuesday, 6 June 2017

Roses in June

Hello there friends and 'Followers'..........yes a post at last. Sorry it has been so long, but life and a bit of good weather (probably the British Summer) got in the way again. If the sun's too nice to be indoors crafting!..........Not so today and's like winter again...the socks are back on!!!!!...and the wind!!!!!!(not mine)...battered the beautiful lupins and delphiniums in the garden...and the honeysuckle too...such a shame.

Anyway June is the month of roses and tomorrow is my mums 97th !!!!!! birthday. I have been playing with  my Crafters Companion 3 D embossing folder......bit of trial and error......but finally..........

It probably has taken me as long today to try and get a half decent photo the light is so bad.
I embossed on white pearlescent card and chose to highlight the flowers and leaves with my copics. I have to say that the embossing in these folders is superb......but different card reacts differently.
So there we have it...I thought the embossing should say it all...there is something expensive looking about embossing isn't there?

So how are all of you doing...well I hope and making the most of any sunshine. I have had to resort to sunshine in a bottle (well blister pack really)...prescribed by my GP as my Vit D levels are exceptionally low apparently...and a fortnight in the Bahamas was beyond the GP budget sadly...sigh...!....what is the NHS coming to!

Managed a trip to the 'Which craft' Paper show at the Dome on Sunday and caught up with my friends from that neck of the woods. Lovely to see them...they know who they are!
Did I hear you say... did I buy anything?...silly question that one.....I mean if you pay to go in it's silly not to buy anything isn't it?.........mostly stamps...not a lot though...I mean I only wanted a Stazon ink pad really !!!!lol

Very disappointed last week to learn that Samuel Taylors on Roseville Road Leeds is closing this where do we go for our crafting supplies? Apparently they are taking it all to Embsay near Skipton.........way too far to trip for a crafty fix for me and I have to say that last time I was up there I was not impressed..........all the papercraft was help anyone disabled! VERY sad...I used to like the demo days they had and the make and takes...a chance to shop and meet like minded people.

Ok, time to go catch a bit of telly before bed. Lunch with mum tomorrow.

Take care everyone..enjoy your week and weekend when it arrives...all too quickly I suspect.

Forgive me if I am a bit sporadic in blogging and commenting but life is still set to be busy in the coming weeks with appointments etc I wish I didn't have to keep!...crossed dentist off the list last week! little time or motivation some days for crafting.but I shall be popping in on you all when you are not expecting me as I love to see all the wonderful talent that is out there.

Finally ..are you still with me? I leave you with a quote from a stamp I have seen tonight on Oyster Stamps website that made me smile....hope it does you too...this is ME.....

I feel like a failure. I’ve been shopping for craft supplies for 20 years and still don’t have what I need!

Thank you for stopping by.....take care...hugs...Carole xx